My journey

My name is Emily and my job and purpose is to help motivate women. I feel very lucky that I get to live and breathe what I am passionate about. Being a coach helping client’s to change the way they look and feel.

I’d previously worked in a corporate career, chasing promotion after promotion and increasing subconsciously my stress levels. Whilst it increased my safety net of finances it was impacting negatively and was chipping away at my energy, my character and any compassion shown to myself. I was drained and not acknowledging it, consistently pouring all my energy into the wrong places, people and things over the years.

Self esteem and self confidence had always been work in progress. In what could be seen as living in a judgmental society, I feel for me this contributed to feeling vulnerable about my looks and never felt happy with how I felt. I always had a feeling of being stuck. I used to use the gym as a punishment session and used food as a coping mechanism feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated.

I knew I wanted to change my life but had never booked the investment of time in with myself to do anything about it.

After all the years of not listening to my body or brain my body decided to put the breaks on for me. It started with tinnitus which is a ringing of the ears and anxiety

I never knew how to wind down after a tough day, I never knew how to take some time for myself, I never knew just how important my own health and wellbeing was. Can anyone else relate to this?

I had a vitamin D deficiency from spending hours and hours behind a laptop in an office. It was now that my mindset started to truly become a focus and priority for me to start changing. I realised for me to see and feel true happiness and healthiness, I needed to start to focus on the most important person which was me. I had to make changes, I had to start to help myself and it always came down to mindset. Something I had never even acknowledged or realised just how important it was before and how it was going to change my life for the better.

By wanting to spend more time looking after and wanting to change my body this has helped me. I found and fell in love with resistance training, not just because it changed my shape and toned my body, it started to look after my health too. It keeps my heart healthy, it keeps my brain busy and also calm whichever I need it to do on the day. Resistance training with weights not only changes the shape of my body, it tones and tightens it too. I love to feel physically and mentally stronger, lifting weights doesn’t just burn fat, I feel fitter, stronger from training and now admire my body not just aesthetically but from a physiological and mindset perspective too. Resistance training helps to escape thoughts and revisit later, to unplug from the world for a bit, helps my creativity side come up with plans and new ideas

Qualifying as a level 3 personal trainer and a level 3 therapist was a pinnacle point for me. It was heading in the direction I knew in my heart I always wanted to help people make their own changes to body and mind. 

Fast forward a number of years to today and now it’s taken some investment to fully understand how as people, we are all different in our needs and wants in life. Absorbing and planning effective resistance training sets to target specific area’s of the body. By appreciating how powerful the mind is and learning what the body that needs, this powerful combination leads you to success without limiting belief or barriers. The mind is also a muscle that needs nurturing too, it needs training to lead the life of looking and feeling how you really want.

Changing your mindset is not easy but it is 100% achievable with my help.

If you are in search to change your body and change your mindset then I will help to bring these changes you have been looking for.

You get the best of both with me as your coach. You get the accountability and most effective training plan. An experienced and supportive listening ear to talk through obstacles and breakthrough barriers. 

You can change your body

You can change your mindset


Next Steps…

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