‘I didn’t think I would be able to, but with Emily’s help it has shown me that I am able to change my mindset towards fitness and health, I’m really happy with my results’


‘When I first decided to hire a coach I wanted quick results for my holiday. Not only did I get the results I wanted I’ve also worked on my mindset and now actually want to make better choices and enjoy exercise which I thought I never would. Thankyou Emily for your patience and attentive nature x’


‘Excellent coach, helped me make the changes I wanted, wouldn’t hesitate booking sessions with Emily again’


‘Emily’s approach worked for me personally, I’d never been keen on the thought of needing a coach. I’ve had a few personal trainers in the past, I’ve always been a gym goer and wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong? My body wasn’t changing and I really wanted it to. Then I found Emily, she explained what she did with personal training and changing mindset towards food and myself I knew I had to try this way. With having had 2 kids I’d never been completely happy with my body, fast forward after 12 weeks with Emily I feel amazing and I think I look amazing too. She has given me confidence even though she says it was me not her that’s done it. She helped me to see where I needed to focus on and also what I didn’t need to worry about anymore. Even though I thought I was pretty fit the sessions were tough but enjoyable especially the mindset chats, thanks Emily’